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Shenmue III PS4, PC Game's Footage Streamed (2018-05-21 11:05:00 - Games)
Game slated for 2019 after delays [ More ]

Sirius the Jaeger Anime's Videos Preview Jaeger, Vampire Characters (2018-05-21 10:05:00 - Anime)
Original series by P.A. Works debuts in July [ More ]

Gudetama Tap! Smartphone Game Launches for iOS, Android (2018-05-21 09:10:00 - Games)
Players collect recipes to make versions of Sanrio's egg character [ More ]

To the Moon Game Creator: Animated Film in the Works with Japanese Studio (2018-05-21 08:00:00 - Games)
Creator: "first-tier Japanese animation production companies" are involved [ More ]

One Piece Manga Gets 2 Books in June, July Compiling Chapter Cover Stories (2018-05-21 07:00:00 - Manga)
This year's 25th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed on Monday that Shueisha will release two books of Eiichiro Oda's One Piece manga... [ More ]

Job Recruitment Site Posts Ad for Animators, Directors for New Bilibili Studio Based in Tokyo (2018-05-21 06:00:00 - Industry)
Production studio aims to create 3 anime per year [ More ]

Developers: Steam Will Review Games' Content Before Action is Taken (2018-05-21 05:15:00 - Games)
Steam tells developers to "disregard previous notice" about 2-week ultimatum to alter games' alleged adult content [ More ]

Lupin III: Part IV Anime Returns to Toonami on June 2 (2018-05-21 04:30:00 - Anime)
Show replaces Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex in 3:30 a.m. timeslot [ More ]

Live-Action Kyō Kara Ore wa!! Series Reveals Jiro Sato in Costume (2018-05-21 03:45:00 - Live-Action)
The staff for the live-action television series of Hiroyuki Nishimori's Kyou Kara Ore Wa!! gag comedy manga revealed photos of Jiro Sato in costume as... [ More ]

Fate/Grand Order Arcade Game Adds Georgios, Gaius Julius Caesar as Playable Servants (2018-05-21 03:15:00 - Games)
2 Noble Phantasm videos also posted [ More ]

5th Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film Reveals 3 New Cast Members (2018-05-21 02:45:00 - Anime)
Shoko Ikeda, Takeshi Kusao, Kazuhiko Inoue play members of Dessler family [ More ]

Dragon Ball N. American Tour Reveals Cities, Dates (2018-05-21 02:15:00 - Events)
Tour stops at Comic Con Int'l, Otakon, Fan Expo Canada, NY Comic Con, more [ More ]

Detective Conan: Zero the Enforcer Earns 7.2 Billion Yen, Becomes Highest-Grossing Film in Franchise (2018-05-21 01:47:50 - Anime)
Film tops Japanese box office for 6th straight weekend [ More ]

Resident Evil 7: Cloud Version Game Announced for Switch (2018-05-21 01:15:00 - Games)
Cloud-based game available in Japan on Thursday [ More ]

Muhyo & Roji Anime Reveals 5 More Character Designs (2018-05-21 00:45:00 - Anime)
Series premieres this summer [ More ]

Viz Media Reveals English Dub Cast for Accel World: Infinite Burst Anime Film (2018-05-21 00:15:00 - Anime)
Viz Media will screen film with new, returning English dub cast at Anime Expo in July [ More ]

More Live-Action Gintama Film Cast Members Return for Sequel (2018-05-20 23:45:00 - Live-Action)
Masami Nagasawa, Masaki Okada reprise roles for August 17 film [ More ]

The Laws of the Universe Anime Continues With Film Trilogy (2018-05-20 23:00:50 - Anime)
Fumika Shimizu joins returning cast for Happy Science religious group's Fall film [ More ]

My Hero Academia Anime Reveals 2 New Cast Members (2018-05-20 22:45:24 - Anime)
Kenta Kamakari, Shuhei Matsuda to play pro heroes [ More ]

Uma Musume Anime's 4th Blu-ray Release Includes 'Completely New Animation' (2018-05-20 22:10:00 - Anime)
November 14 release also bundles novel with original story [ More ]

Viz Licenses Kakuriyo Manga, Accel World Film & OVAs (2018-05-20 21:30:53 - Anime)
1st K: Seven Stories film premieres at Anime Expo; Loveless volume 13 slated for June [ More ]

Dennō Coil's Mitsuo Iso Directs Original 'Chikyūgai Shōnen Shōjo' Anime (2018-05-20 21:08:42 - Anime)
Kenichi Yoshida designs, SIGNAL.MD animates project about children stranded in space [ More ]

Vegito Blue Joins Dragon Ball FighterZ Game (2018-05-20 13:02:00 - Games)
Character release slated for late May [ More ]

Muhyo & Roji Anime Reveals More Cast Members (2018-05-20 12:32:00 - Anime)
Satomi Akesaka, Wataru Hatano, more join cast for series premiering this summer [ More ]

Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker Game Launches on PS4 on August 30 (2018-05-20 12:02:00 - Games)
This year's 25th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine revealed on Monday that Bandai Namco Entertainment's Naruto to Boruto: Shinobi Striker... [ More ]

Super Dragon Ball Heroes Arcade Card Game Gets Promotional Anime This Summer (2018-05-20 11:45:00 - Anime)
Anime will cover game's "Prison Planet" story arc [ More ]

The Promised Neverland to Have 'Super Important Announcement' on May 28 (2018-05-20 11:40:00 - Manga)
This year's 25th issue of Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump magazine teased on Monday that Kaiu Shirai and Posuka Demizu's The Promised Neverland (Yakusoku... [ More ]

Phantom in the Twilight Anime's 1st Character Video Highlights Vlad (2018-05-20 05:56:39 - Anime)
Takahiro Sakurai voices character in series premiering in July [ More ]

5th Space Battleship Yamato 2202 Anime Film's 1st 10 Minutes Streamed (2018-05-20 03:16:28 - Anime)
Film opens in Japan on May 25 [ More ]

Actress, Singer, Dancer Yukiji Asaoka Passes Away at 82 (2018-05-20 02:47:04 - People)
Actress performed roles in My Neighbors the Yamadas, The Tale of Princess Kaguya [ More ]

Adult Swim Streams English-Dubbed Trailer for FLCL Progressive Anime (2018-05-20 01:24:46 - Anime)
1st of 2 new 6-episode series for FLCL premieres on June 2 [ More ]

ReoNa Performs Ending Theme for Happy Sugar Life Anime (2018-05-20 00:57:28 - Anime, Music)
Series premieres in July [ More ]

One Piece: Episode of Skypeia Anime Special Previewed in Video (2018-05-20 00:22:28 - Anime)
2-hour special airs on August 25 [ More ]

HIDIVE to Stream Land of the Lustrous Anime in U.S., Canada (2018-05-19 23:47:23 - Anime)
12-episode series previously streamed in U.S., Canada on Anime Strike [ More ]

Crunchyroll to Stream ISLAND, To Be Heroine, The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar Anime (2018-05-19 23:29:55 - Anime)
Site also streams final 6 episodes of Dies Irae anime starting in July [ More ]

Viz Media to Screen Sailor Moon S The Movie, Sailor Moon SuperS The Movie Films in N. American Theaters (2018-05-19 23:05:44 - Anime)
Both films get dubbed, subtitled screenings this summer [ More ]

Live-Action Kakugo wa Ii ka Soko no Joshi. TV Series Reveals 3 Cast Members in Costume (2018-05-19 10:00:00 - Live-Action)
5-episode live-action TV series premieres on June 24 before film opens on October 12 [ More ]

Yuu Watase Aims to Resume Arata: The Legend Manga This Year (2018-05-19 08:00:00 - Manga)
Manga went on hiatus in August 2015 [ More ]

Legend of the Galactic Heroes' New Stage Play Reveals Visual, 4 Cast Members (2018-05-19 06:00:00 - Live-Action)
Play adaptation of new anime runs in Tokyo in October [ More ]

NISA Streams New Dub Clip for Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk Game (2018-05-19 04:00:00 - Games)
PS4, Switch, PC game launches in N. America, Europe this fall [ More ]