Anime Fandom Radio is an internet radio channel dedicated to bringing Anime fans hours of great music and interesting programming.

The channel is new and ambitious. And looking for suggestions… So feel free to leave comments here on the blog, or contact us via the form on the Contact page!

Special Programs

Light Novel Reviews

Tuesday, Thursday, & Saturday @ 3PM, 8PM, & 3AM (Central Time)

Justus R. Stone, a writer and lifelong fan of anime, does weekly Light Novel reviews on his YouTube channel. We’re turning those videos into sound files (with permission) and bringing them to you as a weekly feature. The current plan is to play one review per week, but if you’d like that increased, let us know!

Way Back Wednesday

Wednesday 7:30PM to 10:00PM

A programming block dedicated to music from anime before the year 2000! Most of the playlist is from the 90s, but we’re hoping to go even further back soon!

Flipside Fridays

Fridays 5:00AM to 11:59PM

A day dedicated to those extra tracks that are included with Anime OP & ED CDs. These songs aren’t part of our usual playlist, so this is their day to shine. Join us for some different music you won’t hear too often!