New Feature Starts This Week!

Something new is starting this week on Anime Fandom Radio! On Wednesday evening, from 7:30PM until 10:00PM, we have Way Back Wednesday! This programming block will feature anime music from before the year 2000. We hope you’ll enjoy hearing some great music from years past.

Blackberry App Now Available

Our App has been approved on the Blackberry Store.

If you have a Blackberry device, clock on the image below to head over to the store and then you can take Anime Fandom Radio wherever you go!


All that is left is the iPhone app. It should be available soon!

Download Our Android App!

Want to take Anime Fandom Radio wherever you go? Now you can if you own an Android device.

Click the image below to head over to the Google Play store and download our brand new App!

An iPhone and Blackberry version are coming soon!

Again, thanks for all your continued support.

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New Feature Playlist Starts Friday!

When you buy a CD with an OP or ED from an anime, there’s always 1-2 extra tracks. These B Sides get little love or attention, so to expose a little different kind of music, we thought it might be cool to dedicate a day to these “Flipsides.”

So, welcome Flipside Friday. Starting at 5:00am and ending at 11:59pm, Anime Fandom Radio will be playing a series of B Sides from your favorite Anime OP & ED artists.

These tracks aren’t part of our regular rotation, so they will only get their chance to shine on Friday!┬áHope you all enjoy hearing some different things.

More Music!

Just a quick update to let you know the channel is continuing to grow! Another 54 songs were added today, with a runtime of 3:55:19. That means 333 songs, with a total runtime of 23:36:09 are currently in rotation on the channel!

New channel breaks were also added that should go into rotation tomorrow. They’re more…polished? They just sound better. At least we think so!

Again, thanks for stopping by. And while you’re here, let us know what you think of the channel and if you have any programming requests!

New Feature Begins Tomorrow!

A new feature premieres tomorrow on Anime Fandom Radio… Light Novel Reviews!

In case you weren’t aware, Light Novels have been increasingly providing source material for today’s anime.

Over on his YouTube channel, Justus R. Stone reviews light novels most weeks. He sticks to the official English releases, so they should be pretty easy to obtain.

We’ve converted his video soundtrack into an MP3 for the channel, and will be playing a different Light Novel review every week.

This week, the review will be for Reki Kawahara’s first volume in the Sword Art Online series. The feature will play at 3:00PM, 8:00PM, and finally at 3:00AM (all Central Time), on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Next week will be a different review.

This is the start of non-music programming at Anime Fandom Radio. Let us know what you think! We’re also looking into doing other music features, such as music from a specific genre, or time-period.

Thanks again for all your support!


New Anime Tracks Added!

As promised, today already saw another addition of new tracks to Anime Fandom Radio.

The new material includes 65 songs, with a new playtime of 4:06:11. This brings the total songs in rotation on Anime Fandom Radio to 278 tracks, with a total playtime of 19:36:12.

Also, since this endeavor involves a bit of a learning curve, there were some new lessons learned today that will hopefully help the station run smoother.

More material will probably be added by the end of the weekend, though maybe not as big an update as happened today.

Thanks again for giving Anime Fandom Radio a listen! You’re presence is very much appreciated!

Welcome to Anime Fandom Radio!

It’s the first week of operations around here, so please excuse the dust.

Currently the station hosts 213 tracks, clocking in at just under 15 hours of music.

Naturally, there’s plans to add far more.

As well, there’s plans to add other programming, like reviews of anime & anime-related items like Light Novels & manga.

Please feel free to participate and provide feedback on what you enjoy and what you would like to see.

Thanks for visiting & listening!